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Associate Director - GCI Health


As an Associate Director you will oversee an account group and be responsible for the efficient and profitable running of all client business and staff within your group. 


You should be a fully rounded communications operator, who has a thorough understanding of all key elements of marketing and the media and be capable of driving and growing existing business within the context and plans of the agency. Your role will be to develop strategies and activities for clients and oversee their execution, quality controlling all aspects of the clients’ programmes and relationships with the agency. 


As an Associate Director, you should also take an active role in organically growing your accounts and developing and winning new business - from the initial approach and research stage, through to development of strategic plans and creative proposals, and leading pitch teams (with senior support) as and when required. 


You will also be involved, as a member of the leadership team, in the running and development of the agency, implementing time and staff management, financial/profitability and business plans as required.


GCI Health have worked hard to nurture and build a business, environment and culture we are very proud of. You will be expected to behave in a positive manner at all times, motivating all staff you work with and those in the wider team both professionally and personally. You are expected to be respectful, friendly, approachable and conscientious at all times.


Key responsibilities will include: 


✓ Agency Management: You will play a key role within the Leadership Team, shaping our management practices and how we market ourselves externally. 


✓ Portfolio Profitability: You will proactively manage client portfolios against profitability targets and other appropriate KPIs and proactively manage employee resources for optimum profitability and client service. 


✓ Digital Media: You will serve as an ambassador of digital media at GCI Health London. You will demonstrate a strong understanding of the digital media landscape, always striving to learn and adapt to the rapidly changing tools and applications available to us. You will keep clients and teams educated and up-to-date in social media and strategically apply digital media tools to achieve client objectives.  


✓ Client Relationship Management and Retention: You will ensure effective strategic client relationship management which bolsters client retention and growth. 


✓ Strategic Communications & Counsel: You will be seen as the primary source of trusted strategic advice by the client. You will ensure you keep up with industry, environmental and client news and developments so you can counsel your clients with authority and expertise. You will also strive to continuously develop sector specialisation, which will in turn attract and retain blue chip brands. 


✓ Networking & Business Development: You will regularly represent GCI Health London at healthcare communications industry events and awards to help build both your personal and our agency profile, while always maintaining a valuable portfolio of industry contacts to leverage with clients and for business development purposes.   


✓ Organic Growth and New Business Development: You will play a key strategic role in growing the accounts we have, looking for new and creative ways to provide further value for our clients and growing their business commitment with GCI Health London. You will also play a key role in seeking out new business opportunities, then leading the process through to pitch. 


✓ Agency Role Model: You will actively and regularly represent the company at internal and external forums. You will also be a role model for the junior team and your peers. You will ensure your attitude and demeanour at work is one of positivity, respect and support, even in the face of adversity. Team members look up to you for guidance on how to act in times of stress and how you treat those around you, so you are expected to be a professional and supportive team player in all interactions at GCI Health London. 


✓ Quality Standards: You will be a champion for attaining the highest possible professional standards at all levels within the agency, teaching and overseeing your teams to ensure quality outputs at all times. 


✓ Line Management: You will have responsibility for line management of assigned team members, through effective management of their development and progression within the agency. Motivating, supporting and developing team members to deliver client results across accounts will be continuously expected from you.  

We now have an intelligent working policy in effect so staff are expected in 2-3 days a week and work from home the other days.

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