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Barbara Balfour


Barbara Balfour is a freelance writer, editor, TV host and producer. In addition to hosting a live talk show in Canada, Barbara writes regularly for BBC World News, The Globe and Mail, ELLE, and every major daily newspaper in Canada. Her work has taken her to 45 countries and provided opportunities such as hosting TEDx in Denmark, filming a documentary in the country of Georgia, and interviewing Noam Chomsky. She speaks fluent French and Russian and hosts regular workshops for clients on topics such as media relations, storytelling and “getting your name in the news.”


Her areas of expertise in content creation include:

  • business and entrepreneurship
  • finance and investment
  • commercial real estate
  • health and wellness
  • food
  • travel
  • fashion
  • science and academia
  • the law
  • profiles and human interest stories.

Contact Email: [email protected]