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Public Relations Account Executive - Max Borges Agency

Miami, FL

Media & Influencer Relations


We are currently seeking a Public Relations Account Executive to lead accounts focused on media and influencer relations, thought leadership, and overall communications strategy. Account work may also include content strategy, creation and distribution, social management and strategy, as well as data-driven reporting & analysis. This is a great opportunity for someone with entry level experience, looking to grow their career and take on more responsibility in a PR / marketing role.

Account Executives are masters of execution and consistently deliver high quality results for a variety of clients. AE’s confidently interact with client contacts through email, calls and in-person meetings as needed. Workload management has its ups & downs, but AEs are able to navigate responsibilities on multiple clients with great success. As confidence increases, a satisfactory AE is lead day-to-day communicator on 3+ core service clients, handling execution, written and call communications, as well as reporting insights under direction of Account Supervisor or Account Director. Additionally, AEs regularly work in a specialist role as part of larger teams executing on the agency’s more integrated accounts. High performing AE’s show consistent performance across a variety of accounts and an ability to take fluctuations in workload with ease. Strong performers learn quickly, rarely make the same mistakes twice and instill confidence in senior team members.

Cover Letter: Please include a cover letter detailing something interesting about yourself and/or career that we will not get from reading your resume. Doesn't need to be long, just specific to this position. It’s your opportunity to sell yourself, use it.

Some things to note about this role:

  • Key responsibility is to consistently produce results within our core services of media and influencer relations.
  • AE's are highly skilled at media facing communications including trade shows, media events, and pitches.
  • AE's are confident in all aspects of written and face-to-face client communications.
  • Successful AE's leverage personal experience and agency expertise to proactively lead their client's strategy and should be comfortable telling clients what they need to hear versus what they want to hear.
  • AE's are execution specialist, constantly reiterating their daily approach to become more efficient.
  • Always learning is key to the advancement of this role, be a student and participant of client communications and strategy development, actively seeking out every opportunity to learn from agency senior team leads.
  • The ability to clearly articulate how results produced coincide with client's goals / objectives, is highly valued and should be a focus as it is a common skill of team members that grow beyond the AE role.

Some advice for how to be successful:

  • Take Initiative: Take action in the absence of specific direction, being creative, proactive and decisive.
  • Act Purposefully: Attack each hour with purpose and value impact above all else.
  • Be Transparent: Express yourself freely in a professional and constructive manner, and value that expression in others.
  • Inspire Accountability: Eagerly surface your own mistakes, learn from them and improve.

Other things we think would be cool if you could do:

  • Run a 5k in under 25 minutes
    • We have 2 or 3 people that can do this, but we have a couple Ironman athletes (including Max), a few marathoners and a mountain biker who does 80+ mile races. Lots of yogis too.
  • Solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute
    • We had an intern that could and it was mind-blowing.
  • Bowl a 300
    • She bowls a big deal.
  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
    • Our Director of Operations did this, only blacked-out from high altitude and oxygen deprivation once. Nailed it.
  • Be a world champion in anything
    • Youngest Yo-Yo World Champion in history worked with us for years.
  • Start your own business
    • Max did...and one guy owns his own photography business...the rest of us are working on it.
  • A snake shot (Foosball)
    • Google it. No spinning.


  • Minimum 2 years of relevant PR or marketing experience, preferably in an agency setting
  • Understanding of product launches, brand storytelling and media and influencer relations strategies
  • Understanding of digital/new media marketing strategies
  • Expert in persuasive writing and verbal communication
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills


Work hard, play hard is slightly outdated and work life balance implies some sort of struggle to do one and not the other. We think work should be a fun, beneficial, and enjoyable part of your life and that your life should be a fun, beneficial, and enjoyable part of your work. We try our best to provide benefits that make this a reality, and the daily transition and integration of work & life as seamless as possible.

  • Unlimited Vacation
    • It's EXACTLY what it sounds like.
  • Flexibility
    • We believe the best work is done in person. Efficiency, teamwork and execution are all optimized with face-to-face communications. We also recognize our focus on results above all else, can be compromised by adherence to the traditional workday. So...while we work a 9:00 am - 6:00 pm day (Friday's off at 5:00 pm)...
    • We set you up with all the equipment you need to successfully work from home, because we recognize sometimes its more efficient and lets be honest, sometimes you just need to.
    • We have 20+ baby humans in our extended family, needless to say we accommodate the hectic schedules of mom's and dad's. If you would like to speak to one of our new parents about their schedule, our maternity/paternity policy and new parent benefits, let us know.
  • Annual 3-day company cruise
    • It's EXACTLY what it sounds like.
  • Reimbursement for fitness-related races/events
    • You train and finish. We pay for it.
  • Free business books
    • You read it. We pay for it.
  • 100% company-paid medical and vision coverage for employees
  • Profit-sharing program for all benefits-eligible team members
  • Long-Term Incentive Plan
  • Cell phone data plan reimbursement
  • 401K with 50% company match, up to 4% of salary
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