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Senior Account Manager — GCI Health

London, UK

The Senior Account Manager is the person that keeps the accounts and account teams on track. You will manage junior team members to keep projects moving, on time and on budget, reporting up to Directors, but also managing-up to keep other more senior actions on track. You will build upon your current knowledge of the UK and global healthcare environments, including the latest policy and industry developments to ensure delivery of integrated communications programmes to an extremely high level.  

You will be developing your strategic thinking and client counselling skills under the guidance of the senior team. You will have a hands-on approach in managing client relationships and planning well thought-out communications programmes that are based on industry specific knowledge and meet client expectations and objectives.     

You will also take a proactive role in new business development and the growth of your current clients, making intelligent suggestions to senior team members for counsel and input prior to clients. You will also play a key role in people management and team development responsibilities.     

GCI Health have worked hard to nurture and build a business, environment and culture we are very proud of, recognised most recently via being named as Communique’s 2018 Small Consultancy of the Year. Your behaviour within the team is very important. As an integral team member, bridging between the junior and senior team, you will be expected to behave in a positive manner at all times, motivating staff you work with and those in the wider team both professionally and personally. Your behaviour will be mirrored by junior staff so you are expected to be respectful, friendly and conscientious at all times to ensure we nurture and build upon the culture we have worked hard to develop at GCI Heath London.    

Key responsibilities include:    

✓ Campaign Planning & Management: You will play a key role in developing creative ideas and communications strategies and clearly document these in PR Plans which reflect the communication objectives for each client, and enabling delivery of all supporting activity on time and within budget, and with the right resources and team members behind you.    

✓ Media Relationship Management: You will establish and maintain relationships with key journalists, bloggers and other communities representing client market sectors.      

✓ Client Relationship Management: You will establish multiple relationships within client organisations, including members of the PR, Marketing, Medical and Regulatory teams.    

✓ Copy Writing: You will demonstrate advanced writing skills for both consume, healthcare and B2B audiences, including the production of press releases, project proposals, presentations and wider forms of communications content.  

✓ Presentation & Facilitation: You will exhibit confident and effective presentation and facilitation skills internally with teams and externally with clients, prospects and other audiences.      

✓ People & Team Management: You will adopt a comprehensive blend of management styles and techniques to ensure delivery of client results while motivating, supporting and developing team members. You will also have responsibility for line management of assigned team members and support their development and progression within the agency.    

✓ Knowledge Building:  You will maintain a comprehensive and current understanding of the media, current affairs, client organisations, key market sectors and GCI Health’s business proposition.    

✓ Networking & Business Development: You will establish networks of valuable contacts outside of the media and nurture these to leverage with clients and for business development purposes.  You will also consistently think about ways to organically grow your accounts, and discuss ideas and suggestions with your senior teams prior to proposing ideas to your clients.    

✓ Digital Media: You will demonstrate a strong understanding of the digital media landscape, knowing the digital media tools available to you and how to incorporate them into client programs.    

✓ Account Profitability: You will maintain account profitability through effective monitoring of service levels, undertaking regular time analysis and managing direct costs to be recovered promptly and in accordance with company policies.    

✓ Positive Attitude: You will ensure your attitude and demeanour at work is one of positivity, respect and support, even in the face of adversity. Junior team members look up to you for guidance on how to act in times of stress and how you treat those around you, so you are expected to be a professional and supportive team player in all interactions at GCI Health London.   

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