AMO, the leading global partnership of corporate and financial communications consultancies, is pleased to announce its expansion into the South Korean market by incorporating Macoll Communication Consulting as an Associate. 

Macoll is a one-stop service for government and industry leaders within the Republic of Korea and abroad, providing financial communications, risk assessment, public affairs, crisis and conflict management and reputation management services. With more than 16 years of experience, Macoll draws on its 120 communication and public affairs experts to provide tailored services for each client. 

“AMO welcomes Macoll and is excited to have a new Associate in South Korea,” said Angus Maitland from AMO.  “I am confident that our clients will benefit from their sophisticated communications counsel and in depth industry expertise,” added James Abernathy.

With the incorporation of Macoll, the AMO Partnership is comprised of 11 partner consultancies and four Associates in 42 offices around the world.   AMO´s ultimate goal is to secure an enduring competitive edge and achieve measurable results for our clients. Our best-in-class approach and integrated execution enables us to achieve this for our clients. 

The AMO Partnership brings together market-leading consultancies from around the world to create a highly competent and experienced international team that can advise clients conducting mission-critical projects on a global scale. Our integrated execution allows us to service our clients across a multitude of jurisdictions and a range of corporate and financial communications mandates.

AMO consultancies can draw on a highly specialized network that in breadth and depth is second-to-none in corporate and financial communications. Relying on the extensive national contacts established by our partners, we can communicate our clients’ messages across borders, target the right markets and effectively position the relevant public affairs, media and capital markets communication issues on a global scale. 

AMO is comprised of the following market-leading partners:

  • The Abernathy MacGregor Group in the United States
  • Maitland in the United Kingdom
  • Havas Worldwide Paris in France, Belgium and Dubai
  • Llorente & Cuenca in Spain, Portugal and Latin America
  • Hirzel.Neef.Schmid.Counselors in Switzerland
  • SPJ in the Netherlands
  • Porda Havas in China
  • AD HOC Communication Advisors in Italy
  • NATIONAL Public Relations in Canada
  • Hallvarsson & Halvarsson in Sweden
  • EM in Russia 

AMO Associates:

  • Financial & Corporate Relations in Australia
  • NBS in Poland
  • Ashton Consulting in Japan
  • Macoll Communication Consulting in South Korea 

For more information: [email protected]