Now more than ever, companies are facing complex and unforeseen threats that can challenge and disrupt the status quo. Samsung Electronics America Director of Reputation & Risk, Chris Rivera, has spent his career in understanding this unique space. This episode was hosted by NewsWhip's Head of Research Benedict Nicholson. 

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0:00 Intro
2:18 The reputation and risk landscape
3:55 Defining risk
7:55 Using social data in risk assessment
9:35 Differences between risk management & crisis management
12:16 Real-time risk management
14:01 Reputation risk intelligence frameworks
17:21 Benefits of a framework for managing risk & examples
19:00 Planning for failure
20:27 The relationship between risk and innovation
22:27 Addressing unprecedented risks
24:30 Reputation risk vs. enterprise risk
26:04 Deploying crisis management teams

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