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Thought leadership in combination with content marketing will establish your brand with a solid reputation that will be defined as innovative, futuristic and trustworthy. Not only will your brand surpass its competitors – it will gain customer advocates in the process. This will lead to word-of-mouth marketing, which is extremely underrated but certainly the most impactful.

Thought leadership marketing can also attract a good amount of press which will translate into a greater amount of sales and profits. If your brand is a thought leader inits industry it also helps in recruiting talented employees. Think of the Teslas, Googles and Apples of the world. They have talented employees because of their drive to be a thought leader and connect with their audience through content marketing and innovative ideas.Thought leadership and content marketing provide an excellent opportunity to market your brand in the digital era.

In a recent Twitter poll survey of 2200 marketers, 62% state their top goal is establishing trust; followed by becoming an influencer (22%); establishing authority (10%) and disrupting their industry (6%).

The beginning of any thought leadership program for a brand should start with the fundamentals so that you can satisfy the needs, challenges and questions of potential customers. Thought leadership and a content marketing strategy work best in parallel. Start by establishing expertise within your given B2B tech or healthcare industry and a nuanced understanding of your target audience.

Are you ready to create trust based on a solid thought leadership and content marketing strategy? PAN Communications recently developed a complimentary eBook "Building a Thought-Leadership Program To Drive Value and Trust" that takes you through the basics and explain how to start or expand your thought leadership program using your existing marketing team, or by pulling in the resources and experience needed through an integrated agency.

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