A full 15 years after the publication of the book “The Cluetrain Manifesto,” Doc Searls stopped by Weber Shandwick’s New York office to talk to the firm’s Chief Digital Officer Chris Perry and reflect on how far we’ve come (or not), where media are headed, and what CMOs can do to start realizing the full potential of the Internet. 

Doc Searls on Disruption & Innovation (Media Decoded) from Media Decoded on Vimeo.

On Disruption

Chris Perry: A lot is being talked about in terms of disruption, innovation, reinvention, transformation. What’s your take on all this buzzword-y stuff?

Doc Searls: To me it’s all fun. Let’s have fun with whatever we think we’re doing right now. But again, I don’t think customers want standing businesses disrupted or destroyed. I don’t want what are now called “ride-sharing services” to destroy the taxi business. I want both. The ride-sharing services aren’t really ride-sharing, they’re just another hack on dispatch, frankly.

But they’re disruptive. And I fly into Newark airport, and the taxi companies now have their apps. Is that disruptive, or is that adaptive? Everybody has to adapt. Again, it’s all scaffolding. Come up with new scaffolding. Have fun with it.

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Featured photo credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid