Doug Baxter, managing partner of the global M&A consultancy Agency Futures, lives and works by a single-minded mission to ensure that agency owners receive the maximum value from their life’s work.

This week, the firm announced the closure of a transaction in which the  global communications, digital marketing, and public affairs firm, LLYC acquired BAM, a U.S. public relations and marketing agency specializing in venture-backed and established technology companies.

As a former agency owner himself, Baxter recognizes how critically important the vetting process can be when it comes time to sell. So when Agency Futures was contracted by BAM in early 2022 to begin the search for a buyer that would match the U.S. agency’s values and culture, he quickly tapped his global network of potential acquirers.

“We are firm believers in empathetic M&A,” said Doug Baxter, managing partner at Agency Futures. “Creating successful unions goes beyond numbers on a spreadsheet. It takes a shared vision, values, culture, and the assured outcome that both agencies will benefit as a result”

Over the next several months, Baxter walked alongside BAM leadership to evaluate potential buyers and eventually develop an acquirer shortlist.  Ultimately, it was Agency Futures' commitment to vision, values, and culture that prompted Baxter to recommend the global communications, digital marketing, and public affairs firm, LLYC.

"After two years of meticulous effort and more than 65 meetings with potential partners, we finally found our partner, LLYC. The agency is truly unmatched in our industry and holds the same values as us,” said Rebecca Bamberger, CEO of BAM. “Joining LLYC is a natural next step in the evolution of BAM and a hugely exciting opportunity for our team. LLYC’ s global reach, digital capabilities, and depth of expertise will provide BAM clients, and by extension the venture capital ecosystem, with even more resources.

Results like this week’s transaction between BAM and LLYC are not unique for Agency Futures, says Baxter. 

Because the firm possesses an unmatched global network of relationships within industry bodies, agency networks and independent agency owners and buyers, Baxter and his business partner Simon Morgan, are able to bring clients opportunities that other consultancies simply cannot. Instead of merely focusing on quick acquisitions for accelerated growth, the duo helps clients identify buyers that will be culturally suited and interested in building their business through partnership.

Agency Futures also works on buy-side mandates, helping independent agency buyers to identify suitable agencies for acquisition,  based on strategic, geographic service and size requirements.

The firm has offices in London, UK, Denver, Colorado and Sydney Australia.