We live in moments. What’s trending today is gone tomorrow, replaced with countless new conversations. Blink, and you might have missed a tweet, a post, a picture or even a mention of your brand.  Brand marketers must be nimble, living in the moment with consumers, but also be able to think well beyond the moment and a singular campaign.

Brands must be both opportunistic and visionary, and those two things are not at odds. That’s because your brand moment is actually a series of moments that can, and should, be knitted together across digital platforms and over time. No matter what the platform or campaign, your brand message is the connective tissue. Don’t be reluctant to stick to that message.

In media training, we counsel clients to repeat the message at least three times in the course of a broadcast or print interview. In the less controlled and wide open frontier of social media, that message should be delivered many more times for it to have impact.

To keep it fresh, there are many platforms and even more possibilities. Twitter recently announced the launch of video capabilities and group messaging, making it even easier for brands and consumers to connect in more than 140 characters. Facebook’s new content policies are helping brands define their content marketing initiatives, while Instagram and Vine are launching new apps that appeal to much younger audiences – the future consumers of your brand.

When it comes to defining your digital landscape, all elements – from marketing and sales to customer service – must work together. At 360, we start by ensuring brand relevance, analyzing consumer conversations and accessing the influencers who initiate, amplify and cover the topics that captivate consumers. That enables us to identify the emergence of trends early and help brands move at the right time, with a message that resonates and an approach that’s sustainable.

Defining your brand’s digital landscape is about what’s now and what’s next – being both in the moment and timeless.

360 thought leadership Melanie headshot

Melanie Nayer is VP of Digital Strategy at 360 Public Relations