You can access the full eBook here.

In today’s experience-driven world, too many marketers move at the pace of change and fail to recognize the value of building a strategic customer advocacy program. This lifeline for brands can make or break your marketing program.

When executed correctly, advocacy can impact brand recognition and trust and drive sales, recruitment and talent acquisition – all while supporting your brand's growth strategy.  

To help you quickly assess, implement, measure and budget for a customer advocacy program, PAN Communications has developed Managing the Empowered Customer, a planning and budgeting resource for today's marketing team.

Throughout this eBook, you will:

  • Discover the 6 key elements that will help you execute a Voice of the Customer program that supports revenue, retention and reputation.
  • Understand the importance behind building a content pillar strategy, and how it fits into your existing marketing initiatives.
  • Learn how to report the ROI of your customer advocacy efforts and showcase the lifetime value of the relationships.
  • Determine the best way to integrate a voice of the customer program into your 2020 budget.

Support your brand goals with an advocacy marketing program.You can access the full eBook here.