“I will give my best to be an inspiring leader and a great role model for the new generation of young professionals”

Luisa García promoted to Chief Operating Officer of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Latin America

Luisa García is an impressive woman with a long and brilliant career. She has already been chosen Executive of the Year in Latin America, Executive of the Year in Corporate Services, and Woman of the Year at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. In 2013 the Latin Business Chronicle has named her one of the 50 most influential women in Latin America.

Now, LLORENTE & CUENCA, one of the leading Reputation Management, Communications, and Public Affairs consulting firms in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, has appointed her Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Latin America. In this position, Luisa García will lead LLORENTE & CUENCA’S 10 offices in Latin America and a team of more than 300 professionals.

Luisa, congratulations to your new position! How long have you been with LLORENTE & CUENCA?

Thank you. I have been with LLORENTE & CUENCA for more than 18 years now. I started at the Madrid office, where I became a Business Unit Manager. Soon I took on the role of Managing Director, first in Panama, and then in Peru. And up to now, I have led the Andean Region, being responsible for Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

You have professional responsibilities outside of LLORENTE & CUENCA, are you going to give these up?

Fortunately, my period as President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce finalized last year and being a board member is not as time consuming. I find collaborating with social projects very rewarding. Although now we focus those efforts through the LLORENTE & CUENCA Foundation, I will also continue advising the NGOs I collaborate with. Ayuda en Acción or Enseña Perú, to name the two I am currently involved with do a great work, it’s an honour to help them however I can. 

What are your objectives in your new position as COO?

My top priority will be our clients. They are our reason to be and the focus of all our efforts. Our culture is very customer centric, but now that we have operations in every key market of the Latin American region we can push that even further by sharing best practices more rapidly. Also, we will shorten the time to market for new services that address our clients’ needs, so that even our younger operations can benefit from our innovation efforts. This goes hand by hand with our client development strategy, lead directly by Alejandro Romero, CEO Americas, with whom is always a pleasure to work.

I am also looking forward to contributing as best as I can to our talent development strategy in the region and especially to our diversity initiatives. Adolfo Corujo, also a partner and who is now based in Sao Paolo, leads our efforts in this area. His contributions are fundamental for our success and I am more than happy to collaborate with him even more than we do today.

All together, we will give our best to be inspiring leaders and a great role model for the new generation of young professionals.