Since Wonderbra’s 1994 launch, MMC had consistently created news about its models, built the buzz around its new products, and reinforced the brand as a must-have women’s lifestyle product.  But a lack of product news since Spring ’99, combined with the debut of a number of “gimmicky” competitive products, had led to a loss of “heat” around the brand.  As a result, the brand was suffering from a double-digit loss in recent months.

Wonderbra’s management gave MMC three challenges: 1) Revitalize and bring heat back to the brand, making it relevant to today’s woman; 2) Introduce its new model—the brand’s third since its introduction; and 3) Launch “Three Degrees of Wonder,” a bra collection with three levels of shape enhancement. 

MMC recommended a three-part strategy: 1) Bring “heat” back to the brand by aligning it with the world of music which was particularly relevant to the 18-34 female target; 2) Execute during Lingerie Market Week, so that the all-important retailer would “feel the heat”;  3) Design special event to focus on the “Magic of Three” and thereby keep messaging simple for media and consumers: A three-part fashion show, introducing Wonderbra’s third model and featuring three young hot singers all to introduce Three Degrees of Wonder

MMC’s approach proved that good things come in threes: 1) The event generated more than 60 million media impressions in only two months, “the most significant media coverage” for a Wonderbra collection launch;  2) Nearly every media story included essential messaging explaining the features and benefits of the new product line and reinforced the brand’s “hot” image; and most important,  3) Wonderbra overall brand sales increased 20% in the months following the event, “a major turn-around from our double-digit declines in the months before this launch” according to the client.  In addition, total brand awareness jumped from 81% to 85%, an impressive jump for such a developed brand.   It should be noted that these increases occurred in the virtual absence of advertising. 


MMC’s Beauty Lifestyles Trends Group’s, through its ongoing media and internet monitoring, had determined that the media was giving greater coverage to link between fashion, music and celebrity.

Fashionably Loud, MTV’s hit show that covered these elements, had skyrocketed in popularity.

Research indicated that music was an important part of our target’s lifestyle.  She watched MTV to discover the hottest artists, frequently bought CDs, and looked to musicians for new fashion looks.  


  • No new brand news since Spring ’99, so brand had lost “heat”.
  • Recent formidable competitive product introductions
  • Need to explain the new collection’s complex messaging 


  • Create awareness of “Three of Degrees of Wonder,” with its three levels of shape enhancement.
  • Generate major media buzz.
  • Introduce new model.
  • Re-energize the brand.


Bring it All Back:  Bring heat back to the brand by aligning it with the world of music

Fish Where the Fish Are: Execute during Lingerie Market Week, when the brand’s retail partners would be gathered in New York. 

Good Things Come in 3’s: Encourage media to discuss new line’s three degrees of shape enhancement by focusing on threes: Three hot singers, three-part fashion show, third model. 

Target Audience: Women, ages 18-34


Not Your Ordinary Fashion Show: MMC secured the talents of three female vocalists, each of whom epitomized the Wonderbra brand, to perform during a sizzling three-tier runway show. One of them, Pink, was the hot singer of the moment. The third Wonderbra model, Magdalena, was the “star” model of the show.  With each segment, the music, and the lingerie, went from hot to hotter to hottest, reinforcing the collection’s Three Degrees.
Sparks, Flame, Fire: Every item, from staging to invitation and gift bags, echoed the Three Degrees of Heat, as captured in the new collection’s tagline – Sparks, Flame, Fire.
Create the Buzz: MMC created a memorable invitation, which featured an actual matchbox, featuring the words:  “Feel the Heat on August 8.”  The agency distributed it to music-world and other celebrities, fashion photographers and press, models, and print/broadcast media, to create pre-event excitement.

Fashion Spread: MMC invited the hot, downtown magazine NYLON, which was exclusively unveiling the new Wonderbra ad campaign in its pages, to host a champagne lounge at the event.

In The News - Media Initiatives

Advance: MMC secured interviews for Magdalena with Access Hollywood, WPIX-TV, The New York Observer to offer a sneak peak of the new line, discuss its benefits and to create anticipation for the event.

Behind-The-Scenes:  E! Entertainment Television was invited backstage before the show for an interview with Magdalena as she was getting ready for the big show.

At Event: Day-of-event attendees included among others MTV, Access Hollywood, Extra, Fox News Channel, Associated Press as well as New York Post and New York Daily News.

Nationwide Coverage: To ensure nationwide coverage, MMC produced a compelling B-roll and distributed to broadcast stations throughout the country, resulting in more than 30 airings.
Reaching the Target at Retail: MMC arranged for our B-roll to air in the Mall Network’s 72 malls nationwide.  The segment aired every half-hour, every day, during September, generating 14.4 million “shopper” impressions.


More than 60 million media impressions generated. 1) Feature coverage in targeted broadcast outlets such as MTV, Access Hollywood, Extra, E!, Fox News Channel and television stations nationwide; 2) Photo features ran in the Associated Press, Reuters, New York Post, New York Daily News, Women’s Wear Daily, and other major outlets; and 3) Key media, such as Good Day New York and New York Observer, mentioned our compelling invitation, the event and new line. 

Nearly all placements cited three levels of shape enhancement, third model and key messages.

Delivering The Goods: Objective 4 

Wonderbra brand sales increased 20% in the months following the event, “a major turn-around from our double-digit declines in the previous months”, according to the client.  Total brand awareness jumped from 81% to 85% and overall, an impressive number for such a highly developed brand.  

Client reported renewed trade enthusiasm for the overall brand, and that a number had actually used the phrase “hot” when describing the brand’s new status!