LOS ANGELES — The Oceanic Society, the United States’ oldest non-profit organization dedicated to ocean conservation, has retained the Pollack PR Marketing Group to support its 50th anniversary efforts including five specially curated trips and one celebratory gala. The initiative is designed to raise awareness of Oceanic Society’s mission and to build support for programs tackling the immense environmental issues facing the world’s oceans.

NEW YORK — Stuntman has been named as the US agency of record for the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium for 2019. Stuntman PR will  implement a fully integrated US media relations campaign for Parmigiano Reggiano to strengthen the product image and to broadly raise awareness of it. Stuntman will work in collaboration with San Francisco-based Ponte, which currently serves as the marketing agency of record for Parmigiano Reggiano in the US. 

NEW YORK — Felix Gray whose eyewear is designed to reduce digital eye strain, has named Diffusion its PR agency of record. Diffusion is tasked with educating consumers about the importance of blue light filtering and the glare eliminating lenses Felix Gray uses.

NEW YORK — Foreo, a Swedish beauty tech brand, has tapped DeVries Global to lead its communications efforts, with a focus on media relations at the intersection of beauty and technology. DeVries is tasked with managing US media relations to raise brand awareness and support product innovation.