MUMBAI — With an eye on the future, Adfactors PR has trained more than 800 employees in digital marketing skills through a partnership with upGrad, an online higher education company.

The certificate program covers digital marketing skills including social media, influencer marketing, online reputation management, SEO/SEM, and data analytics. UpGrad for Business, upGrad’s B2B training arm, developed the course in conjunction with the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad.

Adfactors said the training is part of an initiative to equip employees to succeed in an industry that is increasingly focused on digital offerings — and PR professionals who can provide them.

“The digital training initiative is a part of a larger transformational process to prepare Adfactors PR for a post-pandemic world,” said Madan Bahal, Adfactors’ co-founder and managing director. “Training everyone is a part of our philosophy to democratize L&D and growth opportunities across the organisations. UpGrad is an amazing partner with a high level of commitment and service orientation to mentor the learners.”

Minaxi Indra, president and head of upGrad for Business, said: "In an increasingly digitized world, traditional PR has been undergoing a dramatic change as it evolves due to the rising impact of digital marketing. Today, the demand is for digital PR professionals who can spread news and information rapidly through online presence and visibility amongst a qualified audience as against the traditional PR approach through print and broadcasting.”