RIYADHI — Industry veteran Peter Bellini has been hired to head up a new communications outfit that aims to deliver Saudi Arabia's narrative to the world.

Bellini will oversee the Pure International Communications arm of Pure Consulting, a ten-year-old Saudi firm that counts 100 employees across Riyadh and Jeddah. The new unit will offer international communications strategy for Saudi clients looking to communicate with international audiences from investors to tourists.

Prior to joining Pure Consulting, Bellini held senior roles with Hill & Knowlton and Ogilvy in the Middle East. Before that he spent a decade with Edelman in several countries, including the UAE. He started his career in communications with the UK Conservative Party.

 “The opportunity to build and grow the best international communications offer to deliver the narrative of Saudi Arabia’s transformation to the world is a hugely exciting challenge," said Bellini. "By bringing together a deep understanding of the local context and vision, exceptional local and international insight, and the best of the world's communicators we will be able to help Saudi engage the world in its transformation in the most relevant and effective way."

Pure International Communcations was launched at the Saudi Management Consultants Association (SAMCA) Forum earlier this week.

"More and more, our clients have been telling us that they want to work with partners who really understand the Saudi context and vision," added Anas Al Safi, managing partner at Pure Consulting. "This has shown us a clear demand for a homegrown offer that can contribute to the nation."