CAMBRIDGE, UK—ARM, the UK company whose chips power Apple's iPhone, has retained Racepoint Global following a three-way pitch.

The Holmes Report previously reported the procurement-led review came five years after ARM handed PR and social media duties in the UK, US and Europe to Racepoint. The brief is understood to be a six-figure budget over a multi-year term.

The business was highly-coveted considering ARM’s chips are widely-used in popular mobile devices, including Chromebooks, Android tablets and Apple’s smartphones and tablets. Increasingly, ARM is coming head-to-head with rivals like Intel as it expands into laptops and others look to break ARM’s dominance in mobile devices.

ARM has recently made a stronger effort to boost the profile of CEO Simon Segars. The company is also taking on more consumer-friendly positioning, using an influencer marketing model to identify specific areas of interest — such as digital music. CMO and EVP Ian Drew, who joined ARM from Intel in 2005,  is considered the driving force behind its marketing evolution. Ellie Springett leads marketing and communications.

Founded by Larry Weber, Racepoint is now in its 10th year and last year merged with its sister agency Digital Influence Group to become a more integrated marketing shop. The firm has 200 people across seven markets with revenues in the $36 million range.