BOSTON—Arnold Public Relations, a division of the Arnold Worldwide unit of Havas, has introduced a new consulting service called Arnold Capital Insight, designed to communicate a company’s management strength, strategy, brand positioning, and fundamentals to the private investment and public Wall Street communities.
John Isaf, senior vice president, will lead ACI and Bill Alberti has been named planning manager.
“With Arnold Capital Insight, we used Arnold’s proprietary ‘brand essence’ process as our guidepost and drew on our wealth of IR, PR and brand marketing expertise to package a unique set of capabilities to help management teams translate the strength of their brands to drive corporate value on Wall Street,” says D.A. Hayden, president of Arnold Public Relations. 
“ACI offers clients a strategic process to deliver a better understanding of the value of their entire franchise to the marketplace – both rational and emotional.” 
ACI works with CFOs and CEOs to identify and address the challenges of effectively representing their company to analysts, fund managers, individual investors and the media.  The process consists of three stages:
    Capital Context Analysis: Reviewing a company’s current valuation, competitive environment, public disclosure, and retail, buy-side and sell-side perceptions;
  • Capital Context Position: Defining a differentiated, credible and compelling positioning;
  • Capital Initiatives: Delivering the positioning to the marketplace via a set of strategic initiatives designed to continuously enhance a company’s presence with the investment community.
“Wall Street needs to see more than numbers,” said Isaf.  “Companies traditionally present their investment stories as a piece-meal set of metrics without effectively creating a context for how to understand the company.  ACI looks at all of the drivers of long-term value creation to differentiate a company from the clutter of Wall Street in any market condition.”