HONG KONG — Golin will be providing pro bono support to Hong Kong NGO Branches of Hope to advocate for refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of human trafficking. The scope of the project will include strengthening awareness and engagement of two of the NGO’s programs, Stop Trafficking of People (STOP) and Refugee Opportunity and Development (ROAD). This will be conducted through a robust program of media relations, social media, and creative content.

SINGAPORE — Following a period of significant growth, Sandpiper Communications has appointed Philip Channon as its global chief financial officer. An industry veteran, Channon has 30 years’ experience working with international communications networks overseeing finance and operations across Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. His experience includes 17 years as regional chief financial officer, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa with Edelman, and chief operating officer for the international operations of WE Communications, overseeing operations for 12 offices across eight markets.

SHANGHAI — Gusto Luxe has been appointed by Tata Harper to develop its market entry strategy for China, and support the clean beauty brand with positioning, digital and marketing. Gusto Luxe is charged with supporting the luxury beauty brand with strengthening their presence in China, which recently relaxed restrictions requiring that cosmetics be tested on animals.