NEW YORK — Bloomberg is looking for an agency to promote the company as a technology and innovation leader, as well as recruit tech talent, PRovoke Media can reveal.

The RFP, which PRovoke Media obtained, states “our focus is on enhancing Bloomberg's reputation by telling our story as an innovator, a great place to work and an essential part of society — both as a technology organization and as an engine that drives impact through Bloomberg Philanthropies.” 

The remit calls for a PR agency with a global footprint and offices in New York, London and San Francisco — markets where most of its engineers are based. Engineers makeup 30% of Bloomberg’s global staff.

The initial contract will be for an eight to nine-month period, beginning in early Q2 through the end of the year, with a view to rolling to an annual 12-month extension. The budget for the work is “no more than $30,000 plus expenses per month for the remainder of 2020. This budget must cover activities in support of our teams in New York, London and San Francisco.”

“Preference will be given to agencies who can demonstrate recent examples of working creatively with large multinational organizations to tell complex stories in simple ways, while engaging hard-to-reach and in-demand audiences via multiple mediums,” the brief states.

A source inside Bloomberg’s communications team confirmed the RFP, adding that the Covid-19 outbreak will shift the timeline for the review and move presentations online, but will otherwise not impact the review. The company previously worked with an agency that was not invited to participate in the review. A decision is expected by May. 

Photo from Bloomberg's website.