LONDON—Brands2Life has launched Brands2Life Global, an enhanced international communications capability aimed at supporting clients on the global stage. Brands2Life Global provides clients with global digital content and communications, based on the agency’s “Idea to Impact” planning methodology.

One specialty offer, Brands2Life GlobalHub, is a new, multi-disciplinary strategy, planning and content capability aimed at helping clients accelerate their presence in their chosen target markets.

For clients looking for in-country capabilities, the agency now offers the Brands2Life Global Network, which connects brands with independent agencies around the world, including members of the Oriella PR Network, which the firm founded.

Says Robin Grainger, director of Brands2Life Global, “Many organisations want to scale their communications globally as digital channels in particular give them a means to do so. Nearly half our clients now work with us on international strategy and campaigns following this model, and we think this is the way more and more organisations will manage their communications in the future.”