NEW YORK—Brunswick Group once again worked on more mergers and acquisitions than any other public relations firm in 2016, according to mergermarket’s analysis of last year’s financial transactions. Brunswick was number one in terms of the volume of deals worked (206) as well as the cumulative value of deals ($526 billion).

In terms of volume, Brunswick finished ahead of Sard Verbinnen (203), FTI Consulting (192), Joele Frank Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher (169) and Kekst (119). In terms of volume, the top five included Joele Frank ($467 billion), Sard Verbinnen ($453 billion), FTI ($193 billion) and Finsbury ($184 billion).

In the US, Sard Verbinnen led in terms of volume (177), ahead of Joele Frank, Kekst, Brunswick and Abernathy MacGregor, while Joele Frank was number one in terms of value of deals worked ($447 billion), beating out Sard Verbinnen, Brunswick, FTI and CNC.

In Europe, FTI was number one in volume of deals (157), ahead of Brunswick, Maitland, Image Sept, and Finsbury, while Brunswick led the value rankings ($279 billion) ahead of Sard Verbinnen, Finsbury, FTI and CNC.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Brunswick was tops in terms of volume (42), beating out FTI, Sard Verbinne, Citadel Magnus, and Edelman, and in terms of value ($117 billion), while the top five was rounded out by Sard Verbinnen, Dynamics Group, Joele Frank and FTI.FT

Individual market leaders were:

  • UK: FTI was number one in deal count, Brunswick number one in value of deals
  • Germany: Hering Schuppener led both volume and value rankings
  • France: Image Sept led by volume, Joele Frank led by value
  • Italy: Community Group led both volume and value rankings
  • Japan: Sard Verbinnen led both volume and value rankings