NEW YORK—Brunswick Group continued to capture the largest share of the global mergers and acquisitions public relations business in 2012, according to the newsletter mergermarket, working on 217 deals worth more than $296 billion, as the M&A business remained flat compared to the previous year.

In terms of volume of deals worked, Brunswick actually tied for the top spot with FTI Consulting, although the former FD’s deals were considerably smaller on average (217 deals worth $124 billion). Those two firms finished some way ahead of challengers including Sard Verbinnen (132 deals worth $226 billion); Kekst and Company (121 deals worth $120 billion) and Joele Frank Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher (94 deals worth $117 billion).

The biggest gainer in terms of volume was College Group, which climbed from 24th place on the mergermarket list last year to ninth, working on 80 transactions, while Italian powerhouse Barabino climbed from 17th to 11th, with 57 transactions in 2012.

In terms of value, Brunswick held off the challenge of Sard Verbinnen, with RLM Finsbury (88 deals worth $138 billion), Pelham Bell Pottinger (38 deals worth $135 billion) and FTI rounding out the top five and UK firm Powerscourt showing the most impressive growth, working on 36 transactions with a combined value of $52 billion and rising from 81st on the mergermarket ranking in 2011 to 10th this year, boosted in large part by its role advising BP on the sale of its Russian joint venture to Rosneft.

FTI Still Number One In Europe

FTI Consulting held on to its number one spot in terms of European deals, handing 164 during 2012, ahead of Brunswick (151), RLM Finsbury (72), Citigate (71) and College Hill (64). Brunswick was number one in terms of the value of deals worked ($186 billion), with Pelham Bell Pottinger in second place ($117 billion) and FTI in third ($109 billion).

In the UK, FTI led the league table in terms of volume, ahead of Brunswick and College Hill, while Brunswick led in terms of value, beating out Powerscourt and FTI.

Brunswick was number one in terms of both volume and value in France, with local competitors Havas PR and Publicis Consultants rounding out the top three in terms of the number of deals worked.

In Germany, Hwering Schuppener continued to dominate the market, ranking first in terms of value and volume (ahead of FTI Consulting and CNC, which is now part of Publicis Groupe/MSL).

In Italy, Barabino held the number one spot on both rankings, with Community Group and Image Building some way behind.

Strong Year For Sard Verbinnen In The US

Sard Verbinnen climbed to the top of both the value and volume rankings in the US—up from third place on both lists last year—working on 123 deals worth $215 billion over the course of 2012.

Kekst slipped to second place in terms of the volume of deals worked (115 deals worth $117 billion), with Brunswick, Joele Frank and FTI rounding out the top five.

US independents Prosek Partners (up from 18th to 11th place) and Sloane & Company (up from 24th to 14th) enjoyed strong years.

In terms of the value of deals worked, Brunswick was in second place, ahead of Kekst, Joele Frank, and Abernathy MacGregor Group.

FTI Tops In Asia

FTI held on to the number one spot in the Asian ranking, working on 37 deals worth $18 billion, according to mergermarket. That was enough to keep the firm ahead of Brunswick, Citigate, and local agencies Strategic Public Relations Group and Wonderful Sky Financial Group in terms of the volume of transactions managed.

In terms of the value of deals, Brunswick claimed the number one spot again, ahead of Citigate, Sard Verbinnen, Pelham Bell Pottinger, and Fleishman-Hillard, which climbed from the 74th spot on mergermarket’s list in 2011 thanks primarily for its work supporting Overseas Union, Farallon and Noonday on their bid for Fraser & Neave—the region’s largest deal in 2012.