NEW YORK — A week after launch, Burson has named its market leaders across Asia-Pacific.  

The appointees are:

  • Tom Horn, market leader, Burson Australia & New Zealand
  • Claire Li, CEO, Burson Greater China
  • Deepshikha Dharmaraj, CEO, Burson Group India
  • Marianne Admardatine, CEO, Burson Indonesia
  • Tsuyoshi Takemura, CEO, Burson Japan
  • Justin Then, CEO, Burson Malaysia
  • Rikki Jones, CEO, Burson Group Singapore and president, GCI Health Asia-Pacific
  • Cindy Lim, CEO, Burson Singapore
  • Wachiraporn Pornpitayalert, market leader, Burson Thailand


“In today’s fast-evolving environment, clients need the best talent and capabilities to solve their most complex challenges,” said HS Chung, who will continue to lead Burson Korea as CEO in addition to her role as North APAC CEO.  “With our extensive footprint and reach across APAC, clients will gain access to a diverse team of specialists with decades of experience building and protecting reputation for multinational businesses in Asia and Asian enterprises overseas.”

Adrian Warr, who in September will become South APAC CEO after 10 years at Edelman, said,  “Innovation and creativity are at the heart of our commitment to delivering unparalleled value for our clients in APAC. Our world-class talent will lead through exceptional creative thinking and bring innovation in action to build reputation capital as a competitive advantage for our clients, today and into the future.” 

Burson officially launched last week five-plus months after WPP announced its plan to merge BCW and Hill & Knowlton into the new agency, which is potentially the industry’s largest player.

Capping multiple rounds of global leadership appointments, as well as layoffs, Burson rolled out products and programs, as well as a new brand identity, designed to communicate the agency’s “modern approach to reinventing how reputation is built and protected in today’s dynamic environment.”  The merger will be finalized July 1.