LONDON—Call management player Callstream has hired CCgroup to help boost UK sales following a six-way competitive review.

The firm is tasked with increasing issues awareness and sales opportunities for Callstream’s call management technology in the insurance, travel and retail sectors.

“The insurance, travel and retail markets actually share some important traits,” said Mick Crosthwaite, CEO of Callstream. “Organisations in these industries sectors understand the cost of generating inbound enquiries from new customers and the reputational risk of not correctly managing the calls of existing customers, so really value Callstream’s ability to give them more visibility and control of this vital customer channel. CCgroup has shown a strong track record supporting B2B technology brands and will assist us in communicating our reputation as proven consultants on vital customer experience issues, beyond being simply a technology provider.”

CCgroup will aim to showcase successful deployments of Callstream’s technology, and the wider business issues that the technology addresses, including PCI compliance, digital marketing ROI tracking, business continuity and, for the insurance sector in particular, making the most of the opportunity that aggregator websites such as present.

“Callstream has an impressive client roster, born of innovative technology and peerless knowledge of wider business issues in and, more importantly, around the contact centre,” said Richard Fogg, Managing Director, CCgroup. “We are therefore looking forward to promoting these successes and this insight to Callstream’s target markets, and helping grow the client roster still further.”