SACRAMENTO, CA — CalRecycle, which regulates the management of 76 million tons of non-hazardous solid waste generated in California each year, has launched a search for a PR agency to handle the lucrative task of promoting the recycling of packaging and organics, the Holmes Report has learned.

The organization, part of the California EPA, is currently in the process of reviewing pitches for the account, which is worth up to $15.9 million over three years starting in August or September, according to the RFP. A spokesperson would not detail which, or how many, agencies are participating.

The brief focuses on the recycling of three types of materials: beverage containers; plastic, paper or fiber and other materials that have become harder to sell overseas due to import caps; and organics such as green waste, wood and food. The first two categories essentially cover packaging.

“The campaign shall educate and inform Californians about the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and composting, along with options and opportunities to contribute to the State’s sustainability efforts. The campaign shall also aid in the result of measurable improvements in waste reduction, recycling, composting and the participation rate in the State’s sustainability efforts. The campaign shall establish, maintain, and promote public education and behavior change,” the RFP states.

“CalRecycle is acutely interested in innovative approaches and ideas that go beyond the confines of traditional statewide outreach and address specific concerns facing consumers, businesses and, by extension, the jurisdictions in which they reside,” it continues.

Agencies vying for the business are required to prove their ability on a number of fronts, creating partnerships, advertising public relations, multicultural marketing and social media among them. CalRecycle also is looking for an agency that can conduct research and measure the results of their work.

The work is in keeping with CalRecycle’s overarching sustainability goals by working with local governments, industry and the public to reduce and recycle waste. The agency has an annual budget of approximately $1.4 billion.