BRIGHTON — At the Cannes Condensed event, WE Communications head of global innovation and social impact Ray Page presented a keynote entitled “The age of audacity: how to unlock the creative power of our new era.”

In the session, Page covered how the pandemic has forced everyone to revisit and challenge assumptions, values and the world as it was understood: “For the first time we are united globally by one idea; the openness to reassess our lives as we once knew it. The absurd is now interesting.

"The unachievable is a reality and the rhythm of our lives will forever have a different pace. Now is the time to take advantage of this receptiveness-to-the-absurd to positively impact the future we want in a meaningful way.”

Watch the video of Page’s presentation to the in-person audience and those accessing the global livestream of PRovoke Media and ICCO’s first hybrid event: