CAMBRIDGE, MA — CarGurus is looking for a new PR agency — and is very close to deciding who that will be, PRovoke Media has learned.

The company — one of the leading online automotive marketplaces — is in the final stages of its agency review and will chose an agency partner within a few weeks, a CarGurus rep confirmed.

PRovoke Media understands that several mid-sized agencies, including Boston-based firms near CarGurus’ hometown, are in the pitch. Media relations is a focus of the remit. CarGurus has worked with a range of agencies over its 17-year history including, recently, VIA Agency, an advertising and marketing firm, and Ocean Media for media buying.

The platform, which was launched by Trip Advisor cofounder Langley Steiner, operates in the US, Canada and the UK. It also operates the Autolist and PistonHeads online marketplaces as independent brands.

During the last year, CarGurus focused on fully integrating digital retail and digital wholesale with the listings business the platform was built on. The company is scheduled to announce its 2022 full-year earnings today.