LONDON — CCgroup has won the global PR and analyst relations account for Quortus, as the provider of private mobile networks for enterprises, industry, and government organisations eyes global expansion.

The appointment comes after Quortus secured fresh investment to help accelerate its growth in the private networks space in North America, Europe and Japan.

Private 4G and 5G networks are expected to reach $4.7 billion in annual spending by the end of 2020; Microsoft is already building its capabilities in the sector with the acquisition of specialists such as Affirmed Networks in March this year.

CCgroup’s chief operating officer and head of mobile and telecoms Paul Nolan told PRovoke: “Until recently, the only companies that could build, operate and sell mobile services were operators like Vodafone, but radio spectrum is now made available by the regulators through auctions to private enterprises, so they can replace Wi-Fi and local networks.

“This means you can, for instance, automate an entire supply chain using sensors to drive efficiency, with total control over the network and perfect coverage and without the uneven service from a mobile operator. Private networks are about to get even more exciting with the growing availability of 5G, but Quortus also helps smaller companies in areas such as manufacturing, retail and utilities use 4G now for their own networks, as a stepping stone to what will be possible with 5G.”

Nolan said the agency would be working with Quortus to help it expand its capabilities globally, particularly in North America, Western Europe and Japan, and ensure that as a smaller player in the market it was specified by analysts and buyers more frequently.

The programme includes media relations, events and thought leadership, as well as analyst relations via CCgroup’s dedicated AR team.

Quortus CEO Mark Bole said: “Global regulators have given global organisations, of all shapes and sizes, the ability to build their own private communications networks that are entirely suited to their own needs. Many organisations will look to grasp this opportunity, so we need maximum market visibility, across all marketing channels, to ensure we stay front of mind with our partners and customers."

He added: “I have worked with CCgroup before, very successfully, and feel confident that we are in the best hands when it comes to helping us capitalize on this growing market demand.”