NEW YORK, July 17—Responding to global trends in the healthcare industry, Chandler Chicco Agency has launched a new firm, Biosector 2, which will focus on a range of companies specializing in biotechnology, drug discovery, medical devices, drug delivery and healthcare services.
The new firm, with dual headquarters in New York and London, will also provide services to specialty pharmaceutical companies across a spectrum of disciplines including investor relations, public policy, marketing and regulatory affairs.
“The time is right for CCA to introduce Biosector 2. We believe these companies have highly specialized needs and, to address them, we’re borrowing from the experience we have in the traditional pharmaceutical marketplace,” said Bob Chandler, CCA principal. 
“The diversity of these companies provides a significant opportunity, but the complexity of this marketplace must be recognized and respected. The challenge is to help the general public understand the promise of the science, to make the investment community see the value of what’s being offered, and to provide policymakers and news media with the proper tools to recognize our clients’ contributions to society.  This is the key mission of Biosector 2.” 
Chandler points to recent innovations in the medical arena. In the biotechnology area, for example, two recent reports highlight globalization and herald biotechnology as “the next big industrial thing.” Ernst & Young report, points to 1,800 new firms in Europe versus 1,100 in the U.S. At the same time, countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Australia are making significant investments in biotechnology.
“Recent mergers among the largest biotech/IR firms have left a void in our industry,” said Gianfranco Chicco, CCA principal. “Only a handful of small specialist firms are left, but no one can provide our level of strategic counsel with global big pharma experience to the most promising new stars in the healthcare industry.  Biosector 2 uniquely fills that need.”
The new firm will be led by a team that includes Chandler, Chicco, and global director Gloria Janta, an attorney with 15 years healthcare experience, including positions at Lederle Laboratories and the Children’s Health Fund before joining CCA. The firm has also recruited Stephen Gendel, formerly of biotech specialist Presence Noonan Russo.
The agency expects fees to reach $1.5 million in its first year and anticipates to close 2002 with a staff of 12.