SAN FRANCISCO — Chuck Hemann has left Golin eight months after taking the newly-created role as executive director of analytics to become an analytics manager at Intel.

When Hemann joined Golin in February it was considered a big boon for the firm's formalization of digital analytics under its G4 model.

Hemann was brought in to build a centralized analytics group that would operate across Golin's global offices. Golin EVP Greg Sendi, who Hemann reported into, did not immediately respond to comment regarding how Golin is replacing the position.

Previously based in Dallas, Hemann is relocating to the Bay Area to become manager of analytics at Intel as part of the digital marketing/media team. This is the latest in a series of career jumps for Hemann. Before joining Golin, he spent two years as group director of analytics at WCG. Before that, he had an eight-month stint as VP of digital analytics at Edelman  and a six-month tenure in a similar role at Ogilvy PR.