SAN FRANCISCO — Clubhouse, whose popularity skyrocketed during the Covid pandemic, has hired Golin for global PR support.

Golin went public with the partnership Thursday morning in a social media post announcing that Clubhouse will no longer require users to have an invitation to join the chat service.

“Have you heard the news? Our global #client, Clubhouse, the hot new social app, just made a big announcement – they will no longer require invitations to join! 👏 Download now to experience amazing audio content by the world's most talented and inspiring creators. Let's get talking! #goallin,” the post read.

Golin is charged with supporting Clubhouse at a time when the 15-month-old platform is poised for continued growth.

After a year of operating only on Apple devices, Clubhouse became available on Android devices in May. Reuters reported the service added 10 million people since that time. The platform is also facing competition. Social platforms including Facebook and Twitter are getting into the social chat business as well.

Neither Golin nor Clubhouse were available for comment went this story went live.