NEW YORK, June 27—Cohn & Wolfe has formed a strategic alliance with Circulation Expertí, a public relations firm specializing in African-American and Hispanic markets. Founded in 1968 by Warren Jackson, Circulation Expertí, is the oldest black-owned public relations firm in the nation, and one of the largest.

“Cohn & Wolfe is gaining an excellent new partner that will allow us to offer increased value to clients across our industry sectors and specialty areas,” says Steve Aiello, president and chief executive officer of Cohn & Wolfe.  “Circulation Expertí’s 33-year history of building relationships between its clients and communities of color are an excellent complement to Cohn & Wolfe’s own vision and current capabilities.”

Aiello says that one of his firm’s strategies in recent years has been to form strategic alliances in areas where it sees market growth but lacks in-house expertise. Existing partnerships include investor relations specialist The Torrenzano Group and entertainment and lifestyle promotions boutique Karlitz & Company.

Expertí  and C&W have worked together to execute successful programs for a number of mutual clients, according to Garrison Jackson, president and chief executive. The two firms first worked together on the Philip Morris account, and have since partnered on behalf of Colgate-Palmolive and Coca-Cola, according to Aiello, who says he also sees potential synergies on the agency’s work in the pharmaceutical sector.