BiosGroup, a software development and consulting company, was founded in 1996 by Dr. Stuart Kauffman in partnership with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s Center for Business Innovation.  Using complexity science – the patterns and logarithms found in nature, which mirror the behavior in complex business systems – BiosGroup develops highly effective business strategies and solutions.
The client wanted the program to start immediately and with media focus for four-six months.
BiosGroup faced several challenges in breaking into the marketplace:
  • Its target audiences did not understand what complexity science was, nor how it could be applied to solving business problems.  The company needed to educate the business, financial, and media communities.
  • As a little-known company, backed by well-known investors (CGEY, Ford Motors, Proctor & Gamble), the company needed to create brand awareness.
  • Increase visibility to end-users
  • Establish BiosGroup as the leader in using complexity science to deliver effective business solutions
  • Increase funding
BiosGroup needed to reach end-users, and educate the business and financial communities.  The company’s messaging focused on the introduction of BiosGroup and the education of its products and services:
  • Once every generation a new set of tools emerges, complexity science is a secure tool.  Complexity is the way the world works – thousands of individual interactions causes macro results.  The result is business problems that previously could not be solved by traditional methods, can be solved now because of computing power.
  • BiosGroup’s work has resulted in over 40 installations at Global 1000s and 6 government agencies; and four of their largest clients have invested in the company.
  • BiosGroup, a company that has had significant growth since its inception, is a leader in applying complexity science to hard business problems, using teams of scientists, software developers and business people to make the best products possible.
Geduldig & Ferguson Public Relations (GFPR) designed a communications program that allowed BiosGroup to increase visibility and establish credibility with target audiences:
  • Educate targeted audiences about complexity science and how it allows companies to run their businesses more resourcefully, simply, and efficiently in areas including their supply chains, e-commerce, risk management
  • Demystify all audiences by using child-like teaching methods to explain complexity science (ant farms)
  • Concentration on national print media
  • Use media to educate end-user on BiosGroup story
  • Market results (media coverage and case histories) to potential end-users
  • Garner speaking opportunities at high-visibility forums for BiosGroup senior management

GFPR tackled the objective by employing traditional public relations methods:
  • Background and press materials were developed, media contacts were made with targeted business, finance, science, and industry sector media outlets to discuss complexity science what is was and how it works.  GFPR focused on introducing and educating audiences, primarily, through one-on-one desk side meetings.
  • In addition, GFPR secured media attention for the company by:
  • Publicizing new products, contracts, hires, events
  • Developing and placing of papers and bylined articles in key trades and targeted scientific journals
  • Increasing visibility at speaking engagements gained key speaking positions for BiosGroup management at events such as Fortune’s Editors’ Invitational 

The public relations efforts resulted in BiosGroup being featured in major print media leading to the company’s continual growth.  BiosGroup is a private company and does not disclose figures of any kind. 
Placements in national and local print media including national coverage in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, and TIME.
Stuart Kauffman was one of a highly select group of participants invited to Fortune’s Editors’ Invitational in Aspen, CO.