WASHINGTON, D.C., May 8—The Council for Responsible Nutrition, a trade association for the dietary supplement industry, has retained CooperKatz & Company, a New York PR firm, for a campaign designed to communicate the rapidly expanding body of scientific research that supports the safety and benefits of dietary supplements.
The six-month campaign will focus on the platform provided by two new CRN reports, The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements, to be released in early June, and An Expert Review of the Safety and Benefits of Botanicals, to be issued in September. The PR program will target a wide range of lifestyle and general interest media, as well as trade and health publications, providing important, specific information that is relevant to their audiences. 
“CRN is widely acknowledged as a science-based association that encourages sound public policy and appropriate use of dietary supplements,” said Judy Blatman, vice president, communications, CRN.  “We anticipate this effort will lay the foundation for a longer-term, on-going program that will create greater understanding about the benefits of our industry’s products. We chose CooperKatz as our partner because it combine the strategic mindset that large agencies are noted for with the personalized service associated with a smaller shop.”