The ninth installment in PRovoke Media's Covid-19 creative showcase explores how brands around the world are using smart PR strategies to creatively engage communities, support society and provide relief.

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CLIC Sargent with Fox & Hare
Social Media Trophy
Facing a steep drop in funding due to the Covid-19 crisis, CLIC Sargent is capitalizing on one of lockdown’s favored pastimes — gaming — to rally support for the young cancer patients the charity serves, many of whom are gamers themselves. Earlier this month, CLIC put out the call to gamers willing and able to take on 10 “brutal, unbeatable, impossible” gaming challenges to help the organization withstand the financial impact of the pandemic. Gamers attempts will be streamed on Twitch, whose broadcasts will include interactive fundraising features to make donating to the cause easy.

Avon with Avian WE
Avon picture collage
With the lockdown putting victims of domestic abuse more at risk, Avon, along with the Avon Foundation for Women, launched an effort to mobilize help for women in dangerous situations throughout India. Through the #IsolatedNotAlone campaign, Avon granted $122,500 (US dollars) to three nonprofits — Shakti Shalini, Swayam and Family Planning Association of India (FPAI) — which will meets needs from emergency rations and medical care to counseling, legal aid and training and education. Avon reached a million people through live Instagram discussions and influencers, and called on the Indian government to make fighting domestic violence a bigger priority.

The New Routine

Gillette with Ketchum

With barbershops closed to the pandemic, Gillette stepped up to offer men some much-needed grooming advice, whether they were looking to maintain their looks or try new ones, such as #QuarantineBeards.  The company called on its celebrity Barber Council to offer guidance through online tutorials, a major factor in the campaign garnering more than 2.2 million impressions to date.  Gillette is also helping barbers get back on their feet by purchasing haircut vouchers from select barbershops across the country and donating them to Boys & Girls Club chapters for kids to use when barbershops reopen.

Pluralsight with Zeno

When unemployment started hitting hard in April, Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard responded by giving new users free access to the site’s 7,000 technology courses throughout the entire month. The #FreeApril campaign — which at once helped users build their skills and have good reason to stay home — drew more than a million people around the world to the platform. The effort led to an increase in Pluralsight demand, with users on average spending three times as long on the platform than they previously did. Three times the number of users also completed in their Skill IQs, assessments that enables them to measure and track improvement over time.

Jane with Sourcecode

Early on in the pandemic, e-commerce site Jane made good on its commitment to supporting community, rallying to help fellow Utah residents, healthcare workers and the small businesspeople who sell via the platform by making sure there were enough surgical masks to go around. Under the banner #Janeforgood, the company donated more than 1 million masks to the Utah Department of Health, and made arrangements for healthcare workers to get gear directly from suppliers. Jane also advocated for vendors, who sold more than 1 million cloth masks, and donates a portion of proceeds from mask sales to fighting Covid-19.

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