Welcome to the new era of creativity; a start-up, make-it universe where concepts are printed into 3D models in a matter of hours, where business challenges are hacked into working solutions in a matter of days, and where ideas move from concept to prototype to IPO in a matter of weeks and months, not years.

Creativity is no longer about being creative. It’s about actually creating. What was once a conceptual ability to devise unique and imaginative ideas, is now a full-speed-ahead, dive-in-and-make-it-happen force that pervades today’s social, cultural and business worlds.

The public relations industry, however, has been slow in embracing this new reality. The PR world has always been about the shaping of thoughts and ideas over the creation of content, experiences and technologies. Furthermore, this build-first-ask-questions-later ethos, marked by rule-breaking, speed and collaboration, often goes against the grain of the measured, risk-adverse sensibility of the seasoned communications professional.

But in a world where ideas matter only as far as you can make and measure them, moving from idea to creation is essential. Here are several strategies communications professionals should consider to maximize their creative output in today’s "maker" world.

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Michael Schubert is chief innovation officer at Ruder Finn and Eric Turkington is VP and director of corporate innovation at Ruder Finn.