, an online, cash grain exchange, sought to launch its web site as the e-commerce hub for agricultural producers and buyers in May 2000, and, at the same time, raise its visibility in the business, technology and agriculture marketplaces. 
OBJECTIVES chose Ogilvy Public Relations to help raise visibility of its web site with financial analysts, media and potential customers.  A specific objective wanted to achieve with Ogilvy’s help was to receive positive placements in major business publications.    
The Ogilvy PR team researched the online grain exchange market to determine the most appropriate approach necessary to provide the visibility it needed.  The team learned:
  • The online grain exchange marketplace was crowded, with direct and indirect competition for coming from,, and, among others;
  • Farmers, one of’s main audiences, needed to be assured that any grain exchange site was relevant to them on a local level; and
  • To be successful and build trust among target audiences, Ogilvy PR needed to position the exchange as solid and trustworthy compared to other “dime-a-dozen” sites with questionable content and little value.
Ogilvy PR designed a communications plan to position as a leader and innovator in the Internet grain commodities market.  The program aimed to position as an open, neutral marketplace.  In order to raise visibility for the client, Ogilvy PR had to make stand apart from its competitors – especially, considered the market leader. and were both cash grain exchanges, however, while was funded by two large agricultural conglomerates – Cargill and ADM – remained independent of any industry influence.  Ogilvy PR chose to leverage the unique difference had over its major competitor in order to encourage and secure the participation of qualified producers and buyers. 
Media Relations
Ogilvy PR conducted a substantial media relations campaign around the launch, to communicate the company’s differentiators to technology/business media industry and financial analysts.  The launch activities included executive speaking engagements, media and analyst tours, proactive pitching, and press mailings. 
Spokesperson Preparation
Ogilvy PR prepared all company spokespeople, including’s CEO Scott Deeter, with extensive media training to reinforce the key messages and differentiators.
Creative Mailers
In addition to traditional media relations tactics, Ogilvy PR developed creative ways to grab the attention of key media.  For instance, top-tier editors received a Fourth of July “Picnic Basket” of snacks that represented each of the grains that could be exchanged on the site and the grain belt states in which was initially introduced.  Along the same lines, top-tier editors received Halloween pumpkins filled with candy corn to draw attention to the fall harvest.
News Desk
Ogilvy PR also launched a “News Desk” for, in which company spokespeople were made accessible to the media to comment on timely and relevant topics.  For instance, the e-signatures bill was passed by Congress and signed into law to allow electronic transactions to be legally binding.  Because passage of the bill was critically important to an online exchange like, the CEO was a credible spokesperson for a number of media opportunities.
As a result of the media campaign and well-received press kits, Ogilvy PR successfully positioned as the first exchange focused solely on a total solution for grain crop transactions.  They also secured positive media coverage in key technology and business publications across the United States.  This was a particularly impressive success for Ogilvy PR at the time considering the skepticism in the media over the declining status of many “dot.coms” and the saturation in the online exchange market. 
Two direct examples of positive media coverage that achieved’s objective to get positive placement in major business publications:
Business 2.0  ran an exclusive feature on and CEO Scott Deeter, stating that the company “hit its deadline, while Rooster didn’t strut out its grain exchange until November,” and noting, “CyberCrop has run with the head start.”
Forbes named one of the most promising B2B exchanges on the Internet.
The company also received positive coverage through the Financial Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Denver Post, eWeek, Reuters, Associated Press, Gannett News Service and in The Des Moines Register and Lincoln (NE) Journal Star – two publications widely read by the agriculture community. was also profiled on “WGN’s Farm Report” and CNNfn.