Once upon a time, the “ideal” American family boasted two children, with a mom who took care of the home while dad provided for the family.  Dinner was served at 5:30 and everyone was there – no matter what.

But times have changed and family dynamics are drastically transforming. Families are often just too busy.  Influenced by morphing societies, new technology and a myriad of outside activities for both parents and children, family members find it hard to spend any real time together.  And with the horrible Columbine tragedy that involved isolated teens, American families have been seeking steps to healthier family dynamics.   


Observing the shift affecting today’s families, Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. (Packaged Salad Division) saw the need to call attention to this transition in family relationships and offer solutions for getting back to a healthy family dynamic.  The Dole Healthy Family Advisory Board was created.  

A panel of “family experts,” representing several new family types comprised of working moms, high-school principals, grandparents raising grandchildren, social workers, adoptive parents and empty nesters came together for a two-day discussion on today’s American family.   


Bring attention to the state of the current family struggle with balancing life demands against quality time.

Present Dole Fresh Vegetable, Inc. as a company with a meaningful mission; support healthy families.

Provide additional exposure for Dole in other arenas beyond the traditional “food” sections.

Establish Dole Fresh Vegetable’s role in bringing families together with the ease of healthy convenient products.


Selecting the appropriate group of experts that would accurately represent the “new” American family dynamic.

Create a meaningful discussion between the panelists that would result in findings that could be deemed credible.


Reviewed several published resources dealing with family/parenting issues, all citing that daily “face-time” communication is one of the most an important parts of a child’s healthy upbringing and to maintain a healthy family special focus was made on teens.


Results from the conference would generate enough information and new ideas to present to the general public through media to help affect a change in the way families live their lives today.

To create a benchmark platform for future advisory board dialogue.


Invited nine panelists who were deemed the “best possible” representation of the new family demographics.  

Created a schedule of activities that would engage meaningful dialogue among the panelists, as well as being creative and fun.

Document all dialogue and results in 400-page of materials.

Disseminate information to media through mail, fax and in-person contact.


Panel discussions revealed new ways to help families connect despite busy schedules.  “Dinner time” became the focus of many solutions.

Dole published the Healthy Family Report, which included statistics, research and tips on the how’s and why’s of making family sit-down dinners reality.

Call-to-action prompts consumers to contact Dole for a copy of the Healthy Family Report.

The Dole Healthy Family Report resource tool is also published on www.dole.com.

Prompted Dole’s participation in Tricom series “No Place Like Home.”

Provided foundation for ongoing programs in 2001.

Received national exposure in the following media outlets:


·        Working Woman Magazine         

·        Daily Freeman-Journal (Webster City, IA)  

·        Idaho Press-Tribune (Nampa/Caldwell, ID)            

·        Aim Community News (Newfoundland, NJ)           

·        Boyertown Area Times (Boyertown, PA)                

·        Hancock-Herald (Hancock, NY)                            

·        News of Southern Berks (Boyertown, PA) 

·        Boyertown Area Times (Boyertown, PA)                

·        City Island Pennysaver (Elmsford, NY)                   

·        Moore County News Press (Dumas, TX)               

·        Weekly Mail (Chardon, OH)                                                                                  

·        Pelham Sun (Pelham, NY)                                      

·        Journal (Tuscola, TX)                                             

·        Mount Vernon News (Mount Vernon, OH)            

·        Health City Sun  (Albuquerque, NM)                      

·        Shepherd Argus (Shepherd, MI)                             

·        Tribune (Coleman, MI)                                           
City Island Pennysaver (Elmsford, NY)