LONDON — Don’t Cry Wolf has won two clients in the fast-growing femtech industry: breast pump and pelvic floor trainer company Elvie, and innovative period product start-up Callaly.

Femtech, which covers everything from fertility and period tracking apps to sexual health products, is predicted to be worth around $50bn by 2025, according to consultants Frost & Sullivan. Elvie, which was founded in 2013 by women’s health expert Tania Boler and entrepreneur Alexander Asseily, recently announced $42m of Series B funding – the largest funding round so far in this space.

One-year-old Don’t Cry Wolf started working with Elvie this spring, initially to run its press office and then with an expanded brief to run a project tackling taboos around female incontinence.

After its plans to create a moment for the brand by launching a giant blimp in the shape of a vagina at the Edinburgh Fringe comedy festival were turned down by the city council, the team created the social-led #LetFannyFly campaign this week (pictured), which has already yielded more than 200 pieces of editorial and led to a 35% jump in visits to Elvie’s website and shop.

The other client, Callaly, is at an earlier pre-VC stage, having been founded at the start of 2018 by a gynaecologist who developed what’s been called the first innovation to tampons in more than 80 years: the Tampliner, a tampon with a mini panty liner attached.

The company is, like Don’t Cry Wolf, a certified B Corporation, which requires it to meet high standards of social and environmental performance. The agency will be supporting Callaly with press office, audience research and creative campaigns as it launches more products.

Don’t Cry Wolf managing director Sara Collinge told the Holmes Report: “Femtech ticks all our boxes. If we had to create a Venn diagram of what we’re looking for in a client, it’s these innovative businesses with huge potential, that are growing quickly, and where there’s some taboo-breaking, cheekiness and fun to be had. Femtech is already a sixth of the size of fintech, it’s a super-exciting space and investors are piling in.”