LONDON--Rapid technological change is making effective PR measurement more viable than ever, according the latest episode of the Holmes Report's Echo Chamber podcast.

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Ketchum CEO Rob Flaherty, joining the show at the AMEC Summit, points out that budgetary factors are no longer the sticking point they once were for PR measurement.

"It used to cost a fair amount of dough, which kept being that sticking point," says Flaherty on the podcast. "There’s just no tolerance for 20-30 percent of the budget to be spent on evaluation. But, now, with so many ways that you can very inexpensively track whether someone engaged with your brand online, the cost is going down and, by the way, our overall budgets are going up." 

Flaherty made the comments before pledging to lead an industry-wide effort to adopt measurement standards within six months, during his keynote address at the Summit.

He notes on the show that "if other arms of the marcomms world do it better than us we’ll lose a lot more than our equilibrium, we’ll lose our business."

The Echo Chamber’s regular news round-up also explores whether selecting agencies by voting always makes sense for clients, and takes a look at the latest lobbying scandal to hit the UK.

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Listeners can subscribe to the show via the podcast feed here, or via iTunes here. Alternatively, you can listen to the show here.