NEW YORK, April 8—Edelman Worldwide has unveiled a new, state-of-the-art wireless communications product designed to complement its existing Crisis Preparation and Response and Employee Engagement methodologies for crisis and employee communications. CPRmobile and Eemobile are designed to capitalize on the ability of personal digital assistants, mobile phones, pagers and similar devices to give communicators instantaneous access to critical information anytime, anywhere.

CPRmobile provides secure, wireless access to an organization’s crisis plans, pre-prepared media materials and contact lists and any other information that may be needed to respond quickly and decisively in the event of a crisis. Authorized users can access and update this information using any PDA equipped with a wireless modem anywhere they can receive their carrier’s wireless signal.  

“Speed is power when it comes to dealing with crisis situations in a connected world,” said Jon Goldberg, Edelman’s New York-based executive vice president and director of crisis and issues management. “The ability to instantly access emergency communications protocols, media statements, press and customer lists, product data and other essential information can mean the difference between containing a negative situation and having it snowball out of control.”

EEmobile enables employees who travel, telecommute or work in the field to receive information about critical company developments—from product recalls and management shifts to mergers and acquisitions—as readily as if they were in corporate headquarters.