CHICAGO—Edelman will mark its 50th anniversary on October 1 by introducing a new brand and visual identity, designed by Pentagram, a U.K.-based firm that has worked with BP, United Airlines and Nike. The new identity will feature the Edelman name alone. The ‘public relations’ and ‘worldwide’ descriptors were dropped “because the firm is already known globally as a leader in the PR industry.”

The visual identity incorporates a mark comprised of two triangles, a visual metaphor of Edelman and client coming together to master “the relationship imperative,” helping brands and companies achieve effective engagement with their multiple stakeholders.

“We’re launching a new brand based on a new communications premise we call ‘The Relationship Imperative,’ says Richard Edelman, president and CEO. “We help clients reach multiple stakeholders simultaneously with sustainable and credible content, offering a chance for dialogue. The old model of communications, the ‘pyramid of influence,’ has been replaced by a ‘sphere of cross-influence,’ where opinions ping unpredictably and converge to define brands and corporate reputation because there is no longer a single credible source of information.”

The new identity will also unify Edelman’s specialty firms under a “PR-Centric” model, including Edelman, research (StrategyOne), interactive, issues advertising (Blue), management consultancy (First&42nd), PR21 (sister PR agency), Edelman Corporate Advisors, and BioScience Communications, to reach interdependent stakeholders through multiple channels of communications.

“For the first time, PR must lead in the communications mix in order to build credibility for brands and corporate reputations,” said Richard Edelman. “We provide opportunities for experiences and feedback. Only then can the brand proposition can be reinforced by advertising.”

Celebrations are planned throughout the firm’s global network, culminating in a gala event in Chicago where the firm was founded. Bernadette Hanson Steinhaus, one of the original Toni Twins, is attending the gala along with many long-standing clients. Toni was Dan Edelman’s first account as he launched the firm on October 1 1952.