Over its 40-year history, CACI International had built a strong reputation as one of the best known and most highly-respected IT contractors in the Federal Government and Defense sector. Outside of this tightly knit community, however, CACI continued to remain slightly under the radar, with less visibility among the broader business community. The challenge given to PR was to help CACI continue to build its market presence, while elevating its story with mainstream business and financial audiences.
The primary initiatives were to help CACI define its positioning and corporate messages and deliver those messages through strategic and aggressive media relations to CACI’s key audiences –  investors, government and corporate IT decision makers and the business community. These initiatives were designed to expand CACI’s presence in the financial community and help generate further interest for the company.
Merritt Group researched other public defense contractors to see what kinds of coverage they had been getting and which reporters/publications were covering them. Merritt Group also researched business publications to look for columnists/reporters who were covering the defense industry, especially in the areas of homeland security and intelligence.
Merritt Group developed a two-prong approach. First, it wanted to generate more interest/coverage around CACI’s quarterly financial earnings announcements. To do this, Merritt Group decided to target the broadcast media, specifically business and financial-related shows, as well as the business and financial print media who cover a company’s financial performance.
Second, Merritt Group wanted to develop relationships with business press reporters that would ultimately result in coverage for the company. For this, it developed a list of targets that included all of the major business publications and began developing pitches catered to each person.
The firm’s efforts have centered on highlighting the success of the company through the vision of its Chairman and CEO Dr. J.P. “Jack” London.
Merritt Group worked to elevate the profile for Dr. London by highlighting his successful strategy with mergers and acquisitions, insightful leadership following the Cold War and vision for the future of IT that insulated and even strengthened his company during the dotcom demise. Merritt Group effectively communicated how these facets of Dr. London’s vision ensured consistent growth and positive earnings for CACI.
 Leading up to each of the company’s quarterly earnings announcements throughout 2002, Merritt Group pitched several media outlets including CNBC’s PowerLunch, CNN MoneyGang, Bloomberg TV, Dow Jones, Investor’s Business Daily and Reuters. Merritt Group set up phone briefings and in-studio appearances for CACI’s CEO Jack London. As part of this campaign, Merritt Group also sent the CEO to New York to meet with members of the business press face-to-face.
In addition to strong and aggressive media outreach for the company’s earnings, Merritt Group has for more innovative ways to continue to drive awareness for CACI in the broader business press. In August 2002, CACI switched from the Nasdaq to the NYSE. Merritt Group supported this effort by inviting the business and financial media to attend this event.
Merritt Group also began contacting business reporters and educating them on CACI. Key contacts included Stan Crock at Business Week, Donna Howell at Investor’s Business Daily, Renae Merle at Washington Post and Peter Loftus at Dow Jones among others. Merritt Group secured interviews with the CEO and several high-profile business reporters throughout the year. These reporters were excited about CACI’s business as well as the company’s financial success. Throughout the year, Merritt Group continued to work these relationships keeping them informed of the companies news and participating in stories they were working on.
The PR team also established relationships with key business/financial reporters; scheduled 10-12 interviews for CACI around each earnings announcement resulting in 10-12 financial-related articles per quarter; and garnered coverage and established key contacts in the following media outlets: BusinessWeek, Bloomberg; Bloomberg TV; CBS Marketwatch; CNN Money Gang; CNBC; Dow Jones; Investor’s Business Daily; Reuters; and Washington Post.
 Headlines included:
· “Homeland Security is CACI’s Business” – BusinessWeek, November 25, 2002
· “Buying CACI Breakout Took Guts, Sharp Eye” – Investor’s Business Daily, September 30, 2002
· “CEO: Plans Acquisitions to Bolster Space Ops” – Dow Jones, August 26, 2002
· “Defense Work Boosts CACI Profit by 36%” – Washington Post, August 15, 2002
· “CACI Reported a Rise in Quarterly Profits, Topping Expectations” – CNN MoneyGang, August 14, 2002
· “CACI: Aggressive Growth in Defense” – BusinessWeek, March 25, 2002
In addition to a tremendous amount of media attention, the company has continued to receive attention from the business and financial media and its stock continues to perform well and investors as well as the company’s CEO couldn’t be happier.