Almost three quarters (72 percent) of employed Americans would choose to work for a company that supports charitable causes when deciding between two jobs with the same location, responsibilities, pay and benefits, according a new survey on corporate community involvement released by Deloitte & Touche and conducted by Harris Interactive.

“The market for talent is competitive and a company’s commitment to communities is a decision factor for many Americans,” said James Quigley, CEO of Deloitte & Touche USA. “We have found both statistically and anecdotally, that people want to work for an organization that lives its values and gives them a reason to feel proud.”

Other key survey findings include:
• 92 percent of Americans think that it is important for companies to make charitable contributions or donate products and/or services to nonprofit organizations in the community
 87 percent of Americans believe it is important for companies to offer volunteer opportunities to its employees
 77 percent say that workplace volunteer opportunities help companies contribute to the well being of communities
 61 percent think that they help to communicate a company’s values
 58 percent believe that workplace volunteer opportunities improve morale

“The survey results confirm that people think corporate America has a responsibility to its communities and that employees appreciate the opportunity to contribute together,” says Anne Rouse Sudduth, Deloitte’s national director of community involvement.