LONDON — Eulogy has selected the winner of its second annual Elevator competition to support greentech start-ups, awarding £30,000 in pro bono communications support to clean energy platform Ripple Energy.

The competition, announced in November, was open to early-stage technology ventures with a focus on the environment, the green economy, and sustainability. It involved start-ups pitching for communications support to help move their businesses forward from seed and Series A funding rounds.

Ripple Energy, a clean energy ownership platform enabling individuals, homes and businesses to part-own large-scale wind and solar farms to supply clean, low-cost electricity, receives consultancy services to the equivalent of £30,000 over a six-month period, to help reach its business goals.

Ripple Energy CEO Sarah Merrick said: “We want the world to know about Ripple and with Eulogy's help we can make it happen. We're absolutely thrilled to have won the Elevator 2021 competition.”

The remaining four finalists were monthly carbon offset subscription service Furthr; environmentally friendly consumer products firm Bide; sustainable nightlife consultancy Ecodisco and EcoTech Visions, a B2B e-commerce platform for buyers and sellers to ethically source products and last mile delivery. Each receive Eulogy’s Clarity strategic consultancy workshop to help them identify a communications plan for growth.

This year’s judging panel included Will Miller, marketing director at Tech Nation; Will Thompson, chief strategy officer at Forbes Ignite and PRovoke Media’s EMEA editor Maja Pawinska Sims, as well as Eulogy’s senior leadership team.

Eulogy CEO Elisabeth Field said: “We saw a huge level of talent and innovative thinking from this years’ Elevator applicants. At a time in which the climate crisis is front and centre, it was inspiring to hear from these five businesses who are all striving to make a real and impactful change on the world. As a business, we’re looking forward to working with Ripple Energy and supporting the finalists in their bid to drive positive change for a greener future.”

The winner of the inaugural Elevator competition was In2ScienceUK, a charity that promotes social mobility and diversity in STEM among disadvantaged young people. Founder Dr Rebecca McKelvey said: “One year on and we have increased our partnerships, revenue and most importantly the number of young people we are able to support.”

The competition forms part of the agency’s commitment to supporting green technology, social innovation and cause-led business and builds on its work with clients including Roche, Headspace, In2scienceUK and Virgin Media Business.