SAN FRANCISCO — Evernote, known for its popular note-taking app, has hired Mighty PR --- ending its seven-year run with LaunchSquad.

"It's true that Mighty PR is our new AOR," but while the company has changed agencies it hasn't shifted its overall communications strategy, said Ronda Scott, PR director at Evernote.

Mighty PR, led by Spark PR alumni Rebecca Fuller and Candace Locklear, launched two years ago
working with a range of tech players, from start-ups to global corporations, like Facebook, Cisco WebEx and Pandora.

Evernote's break out success has made the app a media mainstay, including being named on Fast Company's "50 Most Innovative Companies" this year for "being the app for our data-addled times." Since launching in 2008, the service has ballooned from 11 million to more than 45 million with a valuation at $1 billion.  

Evernote's Scott says the company's core story won't be impacted by the agency shift. "Evernote is still the family of apps that helps you remember everything that's important," Scott said. "We're definitely not pivoting or moving away from our core message based on other products in the market or security issues." In addition to media relations, the company plans to move more into the content marketing realm, especially around Evernote Food. This includes partnering with food bloggers and writers "to showcase some of their great content in our food app," Scott noted.

Still, the competitive landscape around the company is heating up with big players entering the fold. Microsoft has competitor OneNote and meanwhile Google announced its organization app Keep last week. Evernote has also recently become a target for malware and hackers.

"We think all platforms should have a nice, simple notetaker. Apple has Stickies, Microsoft has Notepad and now Google has Keep," Scott said "Users really want that as an option. Over the years, we've seen that these products are great at bringing people to Evernote when the individuals want something that's more robust…and I think independent media coverage over the past week as echoed this."

She added, security will be an ongoing priority for the company.