Manpower, the world's premier provider of global workforce solutions, has had a primarily U.S.-centric approach to its online presence in the past.  Realizing the potential of the web to reach a global audience, and appreciating our past experience with creating global sites, Manpower charged EIS with creating a site that appeals to a global marketplace and reaches each of their target audiences: corporate customers, potential contractors, and information seekers.  The site was to act as a “central meeting place” for the Manpower Corporation, where visitors could then link to each of the 54 individual countries’ Web sites.
In order to appeal to a global audience, we created a simple, cleanly designed site with three primary sections, easily understandable by a global audience. With this being an international Web site, one had to be sure not to use any colors or symbols that could be found offensive to individual countries.  In order to avoid this dilemma, we tapped the global Edelman network (colleagues in our Paris, Hong Kong and Argentina offices) to ensure the site is culturally appropriate. The site content is in English, French and Spanish, utilizing a database-driven content engine to quickly deliver content in the appropriate language.  In order to make it as easy as possible for the visitors, we implemented a cookie system where the site would remember the last language chosen, and continue to display that language upon return visits.
Manpower’s new site presents a unified face for the company to the global audience.  Feedback from around the Manpower network has been exceptionally positive. The site has been widely accepted by over 54 countries and 3,500 offices worldwide as the company’s official outlet for corporate announcements.  The newly designed site is averaging close to 200,000 unique site visitors each month and is one of the largest to incorporate a trilingual database-driven content engine.