NEW YORK—In a down year for mergers and acquisitions activity around the world, the newly-merged FGS Global ranked number one in terms of the volume of deals (322) and the value of deals ($657 billion) handled, according to new data published by mergermarket.

FGS, which was formed in 2021 following the acquisition of Sard Verbinnen by the recently mergerd Finsbury, Glover Part and Hering Schuppener, finished ahead of Kekst CNC (246); Joele Frank Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher (227); Prosek Partners (204); and Lambert & Co (161). The latter two firms, both headquartered in the US, have been climbing the rankings in recent years and were able to beat out former M&A leaders such as Brunswick and FTI.

In terms of value, FGS finished ahead of Joele Frank, Brunswick, Kekst CNC and Prosek.

FGS also led the rankings for the Americas, ahead of Joele Frank and Prosek in terms of volume of deals, and ahead of Joele Frank and Brunswick in terms of value. The firm also led in the US (ahead of Joele Frank and Prosek in terms of volume and Joele Frank and Brunswick in terms of value). FGS also led the local listings for Canada and Latin America,

In Europe, the volume rankings were topped by FGS, with Greenbrook Communications and Brunswick rounding out the top three, while the value table was led by Brunswick, ahead of FGS and FTI. In Germany, the volume table was topped by IWK (the former Ira Wulfing Kommunikation) while FGS led by value. In France, CTCom was number one in volume with Image Sept topping the value list. In Spain, KREAB was top in both rankings. In Italy, Barabino topped both tables. And in the Nordics,  Fogel & Partners was the leader.

The UK market saw FGS beating Greenbrook and FTI in terms of volume, while Brunswick was number one for value, ahead of Tulchan and FGS. In Ireland, Powersccourt led in both volume and value. And in the Middle East & Africa, Brunswick was number one.

And finally, FGS capped an impressive year all over the world by leading the Asia-Pacific rankings (which exclude Japan). The firm finished ahead of Ever Bloom Communications and Citadel Magnus in terms of volume, and ahead of Citadel Magnus and Domestique Consulting in terms of value. In Japan, Kekst CNC led the volume rankings with FGS in first place in value. In Australia, Citadel Magnus was number one on both dimensions.