BOSTON, November 30¾High-tech specialist FitzGerald Communications has introduced a proprietary measurement offering it calls Image Insight. Based on FitzGerald’s own research-driven methodology, Image Insight offers potential clients six different measurement packages—priced from $2,500 to $7.500—to suit their individual needs. Each package is then further customized to address the client’s particular situation.
According to agency founder and president Maura FitzGerald, “Measurement is a core component of each and every client program at FitzGerald. The company’s commitment to measurement is marked by the fact that each account team conducts a thorough measurement exercise every six months at the agency’s expense. With Image Insight, FitzGerald has packaged its measurement experience to give companies in any situation a sense of how they can dramatically improve their communications program.”
The six Image Insight packages include:
  • Competitive Movements ¾A content analysis of media coverage and message saturation designed to illustrate campaign effectiveness against program goals and top two competitors.
  • Internal Image—A perception audit geared toward gleaning critical information about employee satisfaction or management/business process effectiveness.
  • Investor Perception¾A perception audit of key financial analysts.
  • Special Situations¾A content analysis of media coverage and message saturation designed specifically in preparation for or in response to a corporate crisis, M&A, bankruptcy filing or restructuring.
  • Announcement Effectiveness¾A qualitative and quantitative coverage analysis during a pre-determined period of time designed to measure the effect o an incident such as a product launch or an executive appointment.
  • Customer Perceptions¾A feedback intensive perception audit designed to gauge customer satisfaction.
“Our commitment to measurement has always been a strong differentiator for FitzGerald,” says FitzGerald. “The research behind Image Insight is designed to allow companies to objectively examine the effectiveness of their current program and give them a benchmark for creating a more targeted or impactful communications program moving forward.”